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Our public schools in both Plano and Allen are nationally ranked, and something that we as a community ought to be proud of. Yet the bill that was supposed to fix school finance has hurt our local school districts and is lowering expectations of a raise for teachers. We need a legislator that will put the needs of his community ahead of his own political career.

As your Legislator, I promise to:

  • Protect local control over school districts and policies
  • Fight for our teachers and make sure they’re getting paid what they deserve
  • Bring actual public school teachers to the Legislature to gain insight into what teachers truly need in their classrooms

As a real estate agent, I have seen firsthand the very real concerns that many homeowners and prospective homeowners have over our enormous property tax bills. Texas has consistently been one of the worst states in terms of hefty property taxes. It is the duty of our state legislators to ensure that homeowners have the ability to stay in their homes, and not be pushed out by property taxes.

As your Legislator, I promise to:

  • Support legislation that meaningfully reduces property tax bills for residents, not just patchwork fixes
  • Push for appraisals that are averaged out over 5 years, lowering the hidden half of property tax costs
  • Advocate for a freeze on the property tax valuations for seniors, preventing seniors from being unfairly pushed out of their homes
  • Ensure that commercial properties are paying taxes on an even rate as homeowners, so homeowners don’t have to shoulder an undue burden
  • Expand the homestead exemption, so we can lower the tax burden the primary residences of most families

In the past decade, Collin County has undergone an economic boom that has featured many businesses and people flocking to the county. While economic growth is certainly a good thing, we must make sure that prosperity is being felt by everyone in the community. Under our current conditions, far too many residents see the economic growth happening all around them, yet don’t feel it in their own pocketbooks. Our State Legislature needs to make economic growth and independence for all a priority.

As your Legislator, I promise to:

  • Staunchly support efforts that will lead to equal pay for equal work
  • Advocate for a $15/hr minimum wage throughout Texas
  • Push back against corporate tax incentives that place a higher tax burden on everyday people

Mass shootings have become all too common within our country and have forced many of us to live in fear in our own communities. I am a strong believer in the Second Amendment, but we also must put public safety priorities first. These goals are not mutually exclusive. Crafting legislation that balances our need for both of these needs to be a priority in Austin.

As your Legislator, I promise to:

  • Fight for universal background checks, a policy that a vast majority of Americans support
  • Work against any proposal that tries to force guns into our classrooms and campuses
  • Promote easier access to mental health resources so that people may get the help they need