Lorenzo Sanchez is running for Texas State Representative in House District 67 to ensure that the people in our community – and across Texas, have a representative who will finally give them a voice in Austin!

In 2020, Texas will be ground zero in the fight to take back our politics. There is going to be a lot of noise we need to cut through, but we know our incredible grassroots movement can take this seat! The path to turning Texas Blue lies directly through HD67.

Lorenzo is a first generation immigrant and grew up here in Plano. He is running to represent his community, his mother, friends and family who all live within the district. They taught him that if something is worth fighting for, to always persevere, even when things seem impossible.

Lorenzo is passionate about critical issues facing our cities and neighborhoods. That’s why he champions policies that protect and help everyone in our community. He wants to give people in our district, and throughout Texas, the opportunity to work toward a better future for themselves and their families.

Last cycle, this seat came very close to flipping from Red to Blue. Our politicians have become uninterested in representing and protecting their constituents, completely disconnected with the challenges and needs that face our communities every single day. Simply put, the middle ground consensus where so many of our citizens stand politically is being ignored by politicians who are beholden to the Corporate interest groups and Big Money donors who fund their campaigns.

Sign-up, Donate, Get Involved and Join our grassroots movement! We’re empowering our communities for a better world.